La Maison Archets was 15 year old

On 31 March 1992 a classical stringed instrument and musical score shop opened in Uccle!

In response to a growing demand from the young musicians of the music academies of the south of Brussels, ARCHETS aims to maintain follow up contact with musicians and music lovers, and has made a considerable contribution to the art of music in general.

Now, ARCHETS has developed its structure, widening the range of products and services offered.

ARCHETS and the Monnaie Theatre

For the Monnaie production of “The damnation of Faust” by Hector Berlioz (1803 – 1869), ARCHETS built the oversized double basses (2.8 metres) based on the model of Guiseppe Antonio Rocca (1807 – 1865) as well as a bow, based on the octobass bow of J.B. Vuillaume. These instruments were made in collaboration with the Stéphane Geyns workshop (May 2003).

La Maison Archets and the National Harp Foundation

The non-profit making organisation “National Harp Foundation” was established on 17 November 1997. Its registered office is located at 88 rue des Trois Rois, Uccle (1180 Brussels).

Article 3 of the statute of the non-profit making organisation states its aim in these words: “The association aims to launch non-lucrative, educational, cultural and social actions through which it can promote and encourage young harpists, musical art, the quality of harp teaching and the highest standard of instrument manufacture”.

Extract from article 4: ”the association is made up of active members and adherent members, agreed upon by the Management Board. Any individual or entity desirous of assisting the association or participating in its activities and who pledges to comply with the statutes and all decision taken in accordance with the statutes can be admitted as an associate.”

“Brussels, year 2000” – second harp competition

Chic, comfort, elegance and quality of musical interpretation: such was the atmosphere of the International Harp competition of Brussels on 5, 6 and 7 October 2000 in the auditorium of Fortis Bank in Brussels.

Its development, its educational reference, the notoriety of its jury and the credibility of its organisation rightly proved the high artistic value of this competition.

An event in the capital of Europe where the harp in all its glory was the cultural motor.