String-instruments workshop

The workshop is organised in such as way as to respond to the musicians' needs both in regard to the precision of the work as well as by respecting the amount of time instruments are held in the workshop.

Upon request and at no charge ARCHETS will draw up an estimate for maintenance or repair.

The use of a clear tariff table enables the costs of each repair to be calculated with precision. The work is carried out skilfully and with technical competence, and comes with a 6-month guarantee.

As and when needed, ARCHETS calls upon well-known craftsmen, particularly with regard to estimation and expertise of instruments.


A history lesson...

The guitar possesses two main characteristics that doubtless explain its popularity: it is an instrument which is easily carried and which can play both the melody and the chordal accompaniment satisfactorily.

The shape of the guitar has changed little during the last three centuries. The body of the instrument, more corpulent and thicker, has increased in size and the number of strings made standard in most cases: six or twelve.

The major modification was made in the 19th century: wooden struts which until that time were glued transversally on the inner side of the sounding board, were moved and redistributed around the sound hole. This allowed not only a considerable reinforcement of the instrument’s rigidity but also contributed to improving its sonority thanks to a better transmission of vibrations through the body.